Turn pain into pleasure with rejection therapy

Human beings love to be validated, and yes, shamelessly including my handsome self. Like Anthony Robbins specifies in many of his seminars and audio programs, everything we do is either to seek pleasure or avoid pain. Those are the two main drivers of human rejection-starts-earlybehavior. When you stay in your box and do not take action on something that you know you have to do, you avoid the pain of a potential failure if action is taken. Thus, your box provides you with a pleasurable environment where there is no pain, but more often than not no gain as well.

The best way to overcome rejection is to desensitize oneself to rejection. Rejection therapy teaches you to associate pleasure to rejection, rather than pain. One gentleman who went successfully through 100 days of rejection therapy is Jia Jiang. He blogged about his experience at http://www.entresting.com/blog. I have compiled a list of the 100 rejections that Jia experienced, and I will soon start living those experiences. To read more about rejection therapy and how it can help you develop greater self-confidence and possibly annihilate your fear of failure for good, head on to: http://rejectiontherapy.com/

What are your thoughts about the concept of rejection therapy? Have you attempted it? How did it work?

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