You are really lucky. Aren’t you?

Most of our self-talk, the things we tell ourselves are negative. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. When you acknowledge the things you don’t like, you can give yourself permission to let them go. Half the cure is knowing what the disease is. The negative self-talk we sometimes have only becomes a problem when the self-talk becomes our focus, rather than occasional distractions. How do you make sure your negative self-talk does not become (or stay) your focus? Lucky

I was at the Orange County Speaker’s Bureau monthly meeting this evening and I and the audience were treated to a great speech by Bob Gazley. Bob is an experienced attorney and an amazing public speaker. He rocked the house and received a well deserved standing ovation after his performance. What I took away from his 20 minutes presentation can be summarized in the following lines.

  • Write down one list with all the things you are not so happy about or things you don’t like much about you and your life.
  • Write down a second list with all the things you like, are happy about, or the things you have. This will be very similar to a gratitude list.

If you think you have nothing to be grateful for, here are few things to get your gratitude list started: the fact that you are alive, you have an internet connection, you have access to a computer or mobile device, you can read, you can walk into any public place and get potable drinking water (hot or cold), you can get a free meal in any restaurant (if you ask).

Your gratitude list can get very lengthy once you begin to realize how much you have that you are taking for granted. Like Bob said during his speech, when you focus your attention on the things you like and all the things you have (rather than the things you don’t have and want), it keeps you optimistic and optimism leads to happiness. As per Bob’s recommendations, burn your list of things you are not happy about, the things you don’t like. On the other hand, keep the list of things you are grateful for in your wallet, your handbag, your pocket. Take that gratitude list everywhere you go and make it your focus, morning, noon and evening. Focusing on that list will you turn into a more optimistic, positive and happy individual.

Lucky you! Aren’t you lucky you read this article?

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