When the times were difficult, I carried you.

A man who had finished his life went before God. And God reviewed his life and showed him the many lessons he had learned. When He had finished, God said, “My child, is there anything you wish to ask?” And the man said, “While You were showing me my life, I noticed that when the times were pleasant there were two sets of footprints, and I knew You walked beside me. But when times were difficult there was only one set of footprints. Why, Father, did you desert me during the difficult times?” And God said, “You misinterpret, my son. It is true that when the times were pleasant I walked beside you and pointed out the way. But when the times were difficult, I carried you.”

I read the above story from the book “Love is Letting Go of Fear” by Gerald G. Jampolsky. The lessons is very simple: We are never alone through the good times, and we are always carried through the bad times by His Majesty. May it be an inspiration for the believers in God who read it.

When you last came across a similar story worth sharing, what was the lesson you took away?