Writing Challenge: 100 words every day for 21 days

If you are to become good (or better) at something, anything, you must continuously work on yourself. Practice, practice, practice. I love writing but I don’t always keep my commitment to write for publishing every day. I do write in my private journal, but at this stage it is more sporadic than regular. 21 days new habit

When I recently gave myself the challenge to write one hundred words every day for ten days, it went really well and I was extremely happy with the result. I posted about my experience here: One hundred words every day for 10 days: lessons learned. After that challenge I realized that I got rusty, I needed a new challenge but I allowed life to distract me. For the next 21 days, every morning at 5:30 am. I will wake up and write 100 words or more about an experience I had the previous day. The themes I will use to write are: public speaking, entrepreneurship and technology. Those are the three subject areas that I am most interested in. To take the challenge a step further than last time, I will publish every post with a picture or a video.

You have probably heard in the past that to destroy a bad or develop a new habit it takes 21 days or practice or abstinence. I don’t believe that is true, unless one decides to make it true for himself. This is what I shall do, make it true for myself. My objective is to develop writing daily as a habit.

Have you every applied the 21 days rules to one of your endeavors? What has been your experience with that?