Two words can make a huge difference

bright summer dress

I heard someone once say that there are three things that once they are gone, you never can get them back: time, spoken words, and opportunities. I had an experience today after which I wished I could have gotten my spoken words back. Today being Friday, most people go to offices dressed up a little less formally, and that seems to be a tradition across cultures of the countries I have lived in. A colleague of mine was wearing a dress with bright colours (summer time!) and that attire made her look significantly younger than the day before, when she Continue reading Two words can make a huge difference

Conquering your fears

Let’s face it, we all have at least one thing that scares the heck out of us but in reality, it is not at just one thing, there are many things. Fear in the context of this post is defined as a feeling of unease and anxiety caused in the presence or anticipation of danger. The root sources of fear are mostly psychological and emotional and there are experts who have researched and written extensively about that. I read a few article about the origins of fear and my conclusion is this: fear is an emotional response to a past Continue reading Conquering your fears

Brian Adam’s Speaker’s Bootcamp and Orange County Speakers University

Lionnel Yamentou and Brian Adams

Becoming a great speaker takes a lot of practice. Practicing with people who can give you candid feedback and help you make positive changes to your delivery. On June 18th I was at the Brian Adams’s Speaker’s Bootcamp where I gave a speech on which I received invaluable feedback. The speaker’s bootcamp was the second of such organized by Brian Adams in the few months that I have known him. I mention Brian Adams in a previous article on this website. Spending time with Brian is always a great learning experience as he has practically devoted his life to serving Continue reading Brian Adam’s Speaker’s Bootcamp and Orange County Speakers University

Make being on time a habit, and don’t break it


Human beings are creatures of habit. Everything we do from morning to evening follows a pattern that is either being created or has been created and is being followed. From the time we wake up in the morning to the time we go to bed, we follow mind programming that in essence is meant to keep our life simple. That is why many people resist change, even change from our bad habit to better ones. I had noticed that I had fallen in the bad habit of being late for meetings and other appointments. In an attempt to change that Continue reading Make being on time a habit, and don’t break it

Lessons from OC Toasters meeting on 06/24/2013 – Doug Bowers

Doug Bowers speech prop

Every Monday morning I wake up at 5:00 a.m. to go meet with a group of exceptional people, mostly business owners and working professional, the OC Toasters. OC Toasters is the name of the club, one of the best Toastmasters International club in Orange County. Today’s meeting was different than usual for two reasons: 1) I was officially installed as Vice President (VP) of Education for the club for the period July 2013 to June 2014. And 2) we were treated to a very educational and fun presentation by Doug Bowers, an experienced speaker serving as current Treasurer of the Continue reading Lessons from OC Toasters meeting on 06/24/2013 – Doug Bowers