Top 20 Countries Where I Want to Travel for Paid Speaking Engagements

I just finished reading the book: Keynote Mastery by Patrick Schwerdtfeger and was inspired to create a list of my top 20 destinations for paid speaking engagements. Patrick has a Google map on his website with geo-markers on cities where he has spoken before. It’s a brilliant way of showcasing instant credibility. If you have travelled to that many places (over 50 for Patrick) to speak, you must be doing something right. Let’s get to it. In no particular order, these are cities where I will have paid speaking engagement in the years to come: Seattle in Washington, USA New York Continue reading Top 20 Countries Where I Want to Travel for Paid Speaking Engagements

Daily Quote #004 – About Goals


quote on goals

Can You Wait Long Enough To Get What You Asked For?

There is a gestation period for everything on the face of the earth. Everything comes out of the unseen to the visible, but the process in almost every case takes some amount of time. Einstein is quoted as saying “The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.” If we had no time between our thoughts or ideas and their manifestations, most of us would be in great trouble. That is considering the fact that most our thoughts have a negative orientation.  I remember I was once in a restaurant with my friend Dani and a lady came Continue reading Can You Wait Long Enough To Get What You Asked For?

Buy into a larger vision of your future

Have you ever been sold a better future that you had envisioned for yourself? That is what I love doing when I meet people. I love selling people a larger vision of their future selves. I keep the book “Move ahead with possibility thinking” at all times in my car. Because I love reading that book, it makes me like getting to my meeting places on time. When I get to a meeting place 20 minutes ahead of time, it gives me 10 minutes of reading that book. That’s about half a dozen pages on average. I have read the Continue reading Buy into a larger vision of your future

Doing nothing produces results

The easiest thing you will ever have to do is… nothing. Doing nothing is easy, when you don’t care.  Here is the problem with nothing: doing nothing produces nothing. Who said you have to produce anything anyways? If you want to do nothing and produce nothing, you are welcome to do so. For most people, including myself, doing something takes action, setting oneself into motion. However, if you are an individual who has aspirations and wants to fulfill your dreams, you have to do something. If you do nothing towards the realization of your goals and dreams, you will produce results. Continue reading Doing nothing produces results