What’s your life message?

I was reflecting today about life and death. What’s the meaning of life, and more importantly, what’s the meaning of YOUR life? These reflections were prompted when last week when Paul Walker died in a car. I was prompted and urged to reflect even more when yesterday the World lost Nelson Mandela. This post is an invitation to you to reflect about the meaning of your life. If you leave the planet today, what statement would you have made with your life? What's your life message?

I was recently exposed to someone who defines abundance as “the ability to do what you want to do, when you want to do it.” When I recently wrote about thanksgiving and gratitude, I highlighted the fact that gratitude is when you realize that all you have is all you need, at this very moment. The people who are formulating a message for humanity through their lives are those who are making contributions.

Contributions don’t have to be through financial means like Bill Gates through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Contributions can be in the form of humanitarian work like Mother Theresa, or ideological like Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King.  What contributions are you making today with your life? How will you be remembered when you are gone?

Day 11 of 21: 100 words per day for 21 days. 218 words.


Thanksgiving should be about gratitude, not thankfulness

My mom in the US had a back surgery not too long ago and within less than 10 days, she was back on her feet walking. That was a miracle. I was so grateful for her quick recovery that I decided to go to a place where I could get together with other people and celebrate the good of the Lord. One of such places is church. The message on that Sunday was about gratitude. I found it appropriate as it was during thanksgiving weekend. Be-Grateful

The preacher remarked that America is the only country in the world where people punch one another in the face to buy discounted items from stores (Black Friday), just the following day after giving thanks and celebrating that they have all they need on Thanksgiving Day.

Most people are thankful but not grateful. A state of gratitude is experienced from the inside out, and thankfulness is caused by external factors. For example: A husband who gives a great gift or special treat to his wife on their wedding anniversary. The wife will most likely be thankful for the present (external), but not necessarily grateful for the additional year of marriage experience (internal).

The preacher stated: “Feeling grateful is a response to external factors, but being grateful is a choice of faith.” One can feel grateful or be thankful without being grateful. Feelings stimulated by outside circumstances can only be sustained as long as those external circumstances are maintained. In the middle of your wants, find the ability to “be grateful.” Gratitude is when you realize that all you have is all you need, at this very moment. It does not mean you will not receive more or you can’t use more. It just means even without more, you can still rise to be the best you can be, emotionally, psychologically and physically.

Today is a gift, are you grateful for it or just thankful?

Day 10 of 21: 100 words per day for 21 days. 319 words.

How would you live your last day on earth?

It has been proven that people with long time perspective as opposed to short time perspective achieve and get more out of life. Long term perspective does not mean always thinking about the future and waiting for the future to happen. It rather means living today in a way that makes the future we foresee happen. Steven R. Covey puts it in the sentence “Begin with the end in mind” in his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  last-day-graphicA good way to find out what the end will be like for you is to ask yourself the simple question: If today is my last day on earth how will I spend it, how do I want to be remembered? This simple question, if asked consistently, can be a game changer for your life.

If today is your last day on earth how will you live it? What won’t you do? Who will you call, what to say? Who will you want to spend your remaining hours with?

This post is day 3 of One hundred words every day for 10 days. Total: 148 words.

What’s on your gratitude list?

I met with one of my mentors two days ago and as usual, we had a fun time during which I learned so much. It is GREAT to have people who care about you and sincerely want you to succeed. I am blessed. As I shared my new short term unrealistic dreams with my mentor seeking answers to the “how” question, he hit me with reality (my current circumstances) and pointed me in the direction of a “better” more realistic goal that will undoubtedly lead me to the realization of my “relatively” unrealistic dreams.


To help in readjusting my mind to the new realistic goals, I had to come up with a fresh gratitude list. The list, when read aloud, create in me a feeling of appreciation and maintains my abundance mindset. A scarcity mindset is a terrible mind state to in. To develop an abundance mindset, come up with a gratitude list, a list of things you are grateful and appreciative of. Changing your focus from what you lack to what you have creates phenomenal changes in attitude. The right attitude will take you to the highest altitude. Here is my gratitude list:

  1. I wake up every morning in great shape and with a renewed mind.
  2. I am healthy and have not been to a medical doctor in over a decade.
  3. Both my parents are alive and they love me very much.
  4. All my siblings are successful in school.
  5. I live in the best country in the world.
  6. I have adoptive parents who love me as their own.
  7. I have friends who I can count on in times of need.
  8. I am surrounded by people who love me and want me to succeed.
  9. I have mentors and coaches who help me grow personally.
  10. I have a personal library with dozen of books I own and read.
  11. I have the best little sister and brothers in the world.
  12. My boss at work is awesome. He rocks! He is a great inspiration.
  13. I live in a big beautiful house in a quiet, peaceful and safe neighborhood.
  14. I live 10 minutes away from my workplace and my school.
  15. I live less than 30 minutes away from all the activities I am involved in.
  16. I have fresh daily business ideas which I record and catalog.
  17. I have the best office colleagues one can desire. They are hardworking and results oriented.
  18. I am attending one of the best private universities in California.
  19. I have all my basic needs met and the Lord provides me with extras daily.
  20. Everyday brings new experiences which I embrace and learn from. I am grateful.

I could go on and on but I will stop here. When you take inventory of the things you have and sometimes (more often than not) take for granted, you realize how blessed and privileged you are. What’s on your gratitude list?