Three Traits of a Winner – Hommage to Daniyar Seisenov

Daniyar SeisenovIn the course of our lifetimes, we come in contact with hundreds if not thousands of people, many of them influence us consciously or not, and help shape us into who we become. This post is a hommage to a friend I believe is a winner, Daniyar Seisenov who I call Dani. Being friend with Dani for over a year, there are a few characteristics I have observed in him that I learn from. This post is to honor him as I reflect on how Dani has influenced me.

  • Thirst for knowledge: Dani is constantly learning and stretching. Always challenging his current beliefs by reflecting and analyzing his behaviors and actions. Reading books, going to and staying in school and listening effectively are ways he fills that need.
  • Burning desire to be wealthy: Dani is working to create wealth for himself and his future generations. He knows exactly what it will take and despite the challenges and the curves life throws at him, he keeps the fire burning.
  • Commitment: No Dani does not keep all his commitments all the time, just like most of us. But with work and every other aspect of his life, Dani is committed. I know him to do the best he can to keep his commitments and that’s an essential characteristic of a winner. Being aware of the commitments we make and striving to stay true to our words is key. I appreciate that example from Dani.

Those three traits are the traits of a winner: thirst for knowledge, burning desire to be wealthy and commitment. I am happy to be associated to Dani and I am excited about his future as much as I am about my own. Keep growing and rising Dani, your future is bright!

Are there some people who have been or are in your life  you have thought about writing an hommage to? Who are they and what would you tell them?